Seamless3d For Linux

Since writting this page I have started work on a port for Qt which uses OpenGL ES which is much more advanced in getting Seamless to run on Linux than the glut example shown here.

Although the Seamless3d modeller currently runs only in windows, the Seamless3d modelling language has been designed to be operating system independent. This means because Seamless3d is open source software it is inevitable that it will get ported to every major operating system in time by the Open Source Community. The Seamless3d Chat Server and the Chat Client Console have already been ported to Linux. The main task porting the modeller to Linux will be getting it to render using OpenGL instead of DirectX. Seamless3d does not use the Microsoft Windows API for its actual windows (except for a few dialogue boxes that are being phased out). Like many graphical applications the Seamless3d Modeller uses its own GUI API designed specially for it. This should make it easier to port to other operating systems because the API will be mostly self contained for each operating system.

I have written a simple OpenGL example that renders 2 rotating triangles behind 2 very basic windows with each window having a row of pixels drawn on it:

Because it uses the Glut OpenGL library it compiles for both Linux and Windows and should compile for just about any other operating system that supports OpenGL. Download the simple example file and unzip it.

Compiling instructions
Currently I have Ubuntu installed and so I will do all my testing on Ubuntu for the time being but it should be much the same on other Linux distros. I would much like to hear from anyone who has compiled and run this example on another operating system as well as on Ubuntu so please send me a message and tell me how it went.

Compiling using Ubuntu
Unless you have g++ compiler already installed you must install it but it is very easy to install. You will also have to install the OpenGL Glut library if it is not already installed but this is equally easy to do.

Installing the g++ compiler
When I first tried compiling on Ubuntu, after typing in g++ and enter (in a bash window), I got a message that said the g++ compiler was not installed and to try something like:

sudo apt-get install g++

After typing the command exactly as it said I was prompted for my ID number and it went on to download and install the g++ components.

Installing the OpenGL Glut Library
In a bash window type and enter:

sudo apt-get install libglut3-dev

This will cause the necessary components to download and install.

Bash compile command line

g++ -lglut pixels_over_3d.cpp -o pixels_over_3d



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