Adding a Sound Track

You can skip this page as it is easy these days to add a soundtrack to an animated movie using a free video editor such as OpenShot but you can still add a soundtrack using just Seamless3d and FFmpeg which this page will show.

To add sound to our movie we must add an audio file (.wav, .mp3 or .au) to our folder (that contains our movie files) and rename the audio file so that it matches our smls file. For the example simple-realistic-animated-female.smls file we have used, this will be:


To add this audio file to our movie file we will recreate the movie file by running the batch file again but before we do this our batch file must be recreated too to add audio info to the command.

When we output a povray movie, Seamless3d will add audio info to the command automatically if a matching audio file exists.

Instead of recreating all our png files again, we can recreate only the batch file by right clicking on the Anim bar and selecting output batch file:


If we run our batch file after doing this we should hear sound in our movie.

Note: We may need to close down our media player if it has our movie file open before re-running the batch file otherwise it may block FFmpeg from rewriting the file.

Note: The batch file will work for png files generated using either screenshots or POV-Ray.


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