hermetic_cab 2009 Birthday Party

2009 Dec 14, 07:18 GMT

Here are some photos I took of hermi's Birthday party which was held on the 13th of December 20:00 GMT in seamless chat:

The party began with only me and tutancamon but soon Alain arrived (as one of Isa's bees) with his gift he made for herm, an anarchist sign (herm is a man who follows no rules you know). As I had not heard from herm for days I was worried the birthday boy would not make it to his party but he soon arrived and changed from his boring bluebie av to his more familiar av we love (the man in the overcoat), which he created back in the blaxxun days and which I imported into seamless for the occasion.
Gentlewoman arrived (as a bluebie) who i don't think I have seen since blaxxun days so was a nice surprise to see her.
Anjam visited but was not able to chat with us sadly as she kept crashing soon after she would log in, Sorry Anjam!. My guess when this happens (happened to me recently) it is because of an incorrect avatar url or because of an avatar at the party that requires a more up to date version of seamless.
We also had a surprise visit from vcard (as a bluebie) who also visited earlier in the year for Miranda's birthday.
Also there were regular visitors to seamless chat (and good friends), PaganFire, (in her skull and cross bones), Dajamma (gammonbrat pink fairy) and nontiti who kindly served us with snacks and drinks from his mobile bar :)
Towards the end of the party papillon (who I never got a photo of sorry papi) arrived which made for a nice ending.

Sorry to Taranis and Peter who I missed after I left and Omind too who I see also arrived later.

Special thanks to herm for having the party in seamless chat and thanks to all who visited for making it a fun filled event :) it is what makes developing seamless chat feel worthwhile :)


See more photos and comments of the party on the Louize forum

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