Scenes Composed of Referenced Files

Since 3.007 external files can be referenced within a scene. This allows for a scene to be composed of multiple files, which can make it easier to edit a scene, especially when it contains many polygons. Each file that makes up the scene can be opened as an individual file and edited but the problem with this is we won't be able to see how the geometry in the file being edited, relates to the geometry contained in the other files that make up the whole scene. 3.011 solves this problem by allowing us to open and edit a file from a reference while continuing to see all of the geometry from the other files.

Because this feature is at an early stage in development, please use with care. Make sure you frequently backup. After editing a file opened from a reference, make sure you save the file before going back to the main file or opening another file from a reference, or you will lose any work done on the file after it was last saved without warning when you close seamless! The same applies to if you edit the main file and then begin editing a referenced file, so keep the same rule of saving the edited file before opening another file, regardless of it is the main file or a referenced file.

To add a reference to a file in your scene, you must be in Scene Edit Mode which you can set by clicking:

To add the reference, click file-menu-button and select import -> model reference

To open a file (for editing) from a reference, the geometry contained in the file must first be selected which can be done by clicking it in the 3d window while in scene edit mode or by selecting the Inline node (or its parent Transform node) that references the file in the scene tree window.

Click return to main scene to open the main file.

Click return to previous scene to open the previous file.

Click open referenced scene to open the selected referenced file.

Avoid Circular Referencing !

Something to avoid but I find all to easy to do is accidentally referencing the main file within a referenced file or something similar that results in seamless3d continuously opening files in a loop, AKA circular referencing. Seamless3d does not currently check for if this is what you are attempting so will inevitably crash if you attempt this. To make matters worse you typically won't notice the problem until after closing Seamless3d down and reopening the file.

I think perhaps I accidentally create a circular reference when doing a “save as”. Because I recommend doing a “save as” to quickly create backups I am thinking of making a future version of Seamless3d create a back up when a normal “save” is performed as this should reduce the likelihood of accidentally creating a circular reference.

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