Thyme's Favorite Songs

What I very much like about modelling with Seamless3d III, where most of the work revolves around dragging control points from different orientations, is it is more of an intuitive experience rather than an intellectually demanding one. Because of this I can listen to music while I am getting work done. When things are going well and when I am loving the music, modelling can be a real thrill.

Like many people, I went through my childhood, teens and early adult years listening to songs from the charts and grew to love a few songs each year but after this period, I stopped listening to any new music, preferring to listen to songs I already knew and loved. I wondered if I was being too negative about the current music as I knew it is too easy to dismiss a song if you have only listened to it once or twice, even if it sounds like nothing new. So I tried to make more of an effort listening to songs that are current but it was not until about 2012, when I started using seamless3d every day to practise my head modelling skills, that I seriously began listening to more music on a regular basis. Unlike when I was young, I wasn't limited to discovering new songs from TV and radio, I now had the internet which made many more songs available to me from all over the world. I would add 2 new songs to my play list each day and listen to them right through each day. Unless I really disliked a song, I would not delete it from my play list until it had been listened to 10 times. As a result of this practice, I have grown to very much appreciate many new songs that I did not realise were out there. Of course everyone has different taste in music but I am hoping this list will be of value to some, as each song listed here is a small selection filtered from many more songs I have invested much of my time listening to.






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