Sharing My Code

Anyone is free to look at any of my VRML work that is online. I am happy if people can learn anything from my code and hope that all my hard work can reduce someone's toil. Although I have spent many years of intensive labour developing 3d content I have not made any money so far for all my efforts, so I would appreciate some kind of acknowledgment for any code I have developed that is used by others. I don't want people to use code I have developed to make worlds that look like mine as I don't want my worlds to loose their uniqueness (for example I would not want to see some one using my house plants in their worlds). I realise however not everyone has the time I have to develop original code. People ask me if they can use my land generating scripts, smoke and or explosion PROTOs. I have had a few concerns here as to what I should do. I have decided to allow people to use my code unchanged but I ask that the notice:

developed by Graham John Perrett

be preseant in their files that contain my code

for example

// techuelifeSmoke developed by Graham John Perrett

I would much appreciate it if I am acknowledged on any one's site who is using my code with a link to my site included.

People can modify my code but I would then apreciate it if the notice is changed to:

originaly developed by Graham John Perrett

If I find people altering some minor piece of my code and passing it off as their own I will have to consider restricting access to my code. I very much hope this won't be the case and that we can all prosper

best of luck hacking my code


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