Exporting a Vivaty Studio H-Anim Avatar for Seamless3d

This tutorial has evolved from the tutorial written in Japanese by nontiti

If all the HAnimJoint rotation angles are already 0 in the Vivaty Studio file, you can jump straight to Tick AutoStart

Create a new Vivaty file

First it is important to make a copy of your original Vivaty Studio file by saving it with _smls added to the original file name.

For example save from hello.fxw to hello_smls.fxw

This is important to do because the changes we will make can not be reversed and so we will NOT want to modify our original file.

The file with the new name is the file we will work on from here.

Set HAnimJoint rotation angles to Zero

Click the HAnimHumanoid node in the scene tree window to select it:


Bind Skin to Joints:

Click to tick Deform Skin as Joints Move (if not already ticked):

Set any HAnimJoint node's Rotation Angle to 0 that is not 0:

Tick AutoStart

For all the interpolator nodes and ROUTEs to be exported you may need to click the TimeSensor node in the scene tree and tick the AutoStart check box:

Export to VRML or X3D format

To export the file for Seamless3d:

Save As VRML File (*.wrl)
X3D File with VRML Encoding (*.x3dv)

Now we are ready to move onto the tutorial: Import H-Anim Avatar

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