Import HAnim Avatar

This tutorial has evolved from the tutorial written in Japanese by nontiti

Seamless3d is the only modeller I am aware of that can use HAnim as an interchange format for both exporting and importing avatars. Thanks to the way Seamless3d natively indexes vertices for part ownership, there is no need to re-rig the model for further modelling. With Seamless3d, animated HAnim avatars can be imported and exported repeatedly without accumulating file bloat.

Single meshed HAnim models that use either an IndexedFaceSet or an IndexedTriangleSet node can be imported.

If importing an HAnim avatar exported from Vivaty Studio that has been exported with rotation values NOT set to zero, the avatar must be prepared as shown in the tutorial Exporting a Vivaty Studio HAnim Avatar for Seamless3d

Open the VRML/X3D file

Click the open file button from the toolbar:

In the Files of type drop down menu, select X3D/VRML Files, select the file and click Open:

Note you may need to delete all text in the File name field before any files are shown in the browser window.

The HAnimHumanoid may animate fine inside Seamless3d but to take advantage of the all the modelling, animation and export features available to the Seamless  node we will have to convert the HAnimHumanoid node to a native Seamless node.

Convert the HAnimHumanoid node to a Seamless node

Open the Scene Tree window:

Right-click on the HAnimHumanoid node and click convertToSeamless:

If broken vertices occur

For imported models that use the colorIndex/textCoordIndex method, broken vertices should not occur but for imported models that use the normal per vertex method you may notice some sharp edges as a result of vertices getting broken from the conversion (although all vertices should animate correctly). These vertices can be joined back together but before doing this stop any animation from playing and reset all rotations to their default pose by clicking  and save  your work.
Joining the vertices back may then be as simple as clicking the join all vertices in visible parts button.

If this causes a crash or unwanted vertex joining, go back to your previous saved work and hide any part that may be causing the problem before clicking  
If you can not locate which part/s are causing the problem you can join 2 parts together by copying one of the parts, selecting the other and clicking . See the tutorial for an example of how to do this.

You may need to join some vertices individually, see the tutorial & demo help: Breaking and Joining Vertices.

Converting TimeSensor nodes to Anim bars

Any TimeSensor node can also be converted to an Anim node (Anim bar) by right clicking on the TimeSensor and selecting convertToAnim:

This will make it much easier to play and modify the animation and will neatly group your interpolator nodes which allows for them to be collapsed from view.

Although all ROUTEs for the animation will be converted to script, the script can be exported back as ROUTEs and TimeSensors by ticking the Scene node's outScriptAsRoutes check box. ROUTEs allow for animations to be played by a greater range of VRML/X3D browsers, however this export setting will prevent more advanced scripting features such as "if statements" and math functions from being used for animation

What can be done after importing

Any of the  Immediate Commands can be used to change the shape, color, vertex ownership etc.

View the pivot point locations graphically and/or modify their locations and/or add new animations. See the beeline to animation tutorial/demo and the nurbs lathe tutorial/demo for starters. Although these tutorials are aimed at using white parts they should be easy to follow and the animation is essentially the same for blue parts.

Import animations from smls and motion capture bvh files. See importing gestures and Importing BVH files.

Export to a wider range of browsers and possibly improve the quality of your model for the browser, see browser test page.

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