Joining Close Vertices

In the file:


we see 4 parts in the scene tree containing triangles

r_bottom contains a cylinder of triangles made up of one band and so too does r_top and the vertices between them are joined and so look smooth.

The triangles from r_bottom were copied to l_bottom and the triangles from r_top were copied to l_top. As a result of copying each part one at a time, the vertices between l_bottom and l_top are broken.


However because the broken vertices are very close to each other, we can easily join them using the join close vertices button .

To join the broken vertices using this button:

Right click on l_top and select copy:


select l_bottom


and click the join close vertices button  to join the part that was just copied (l_top) to the selected part.

Now it will look smooth between the 2 parts like the other 2 parts.

Copyright © 2000-2006 Graham Perrett