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The SceneNode
The Scene node in the scene tree is represented by the icon . This node always exists at the top of the scene tree window though it may be hidden from view if the window is scrolled. The Scene node is the base or root node in the scene tree. This means all nodes in the scene tree will be descendants of this node.


This output button generates a file from the scene node that is suitble for a VRML/X3D browser or POV-Ray ray.

The output files will have the same file name as the current smls file that is open in Seamless3d except it will have one of the folowing extensions

.wrl VRML97 for both gzipped or not gzipped
.x3d X3D XML coded
.x3dz X3D XML coded gzipped
.x3dv X3D VRML classic coded
.x3dvz X3D VRML classic coded gzipped
.pov POV-Ray file
.inc POV-Ray ini file (generated when outputPovRayMovie is selcted)
.ini POV-Ray ini file (generated when outputPovRayMovie is selcted)

openOutputFolder opens the folder containing the the output file/s

outputGZipped checked outputs files zipped.

outputVRML checked outputs files coded in VRML97 code.
outputX3DVRMLClassic checked outputs files coded in X3D VRML classic code.

outputX3DXML checked outputs files coded in X3D XML code.

outputPovRay checked outputs a POV-Ray .inc file containing the triangles and a .pov file. The .pov file is the one to open for rendering by POV-Ray with this option.

outputPovRayMovie checked outputs any number of POV-Ray .inc files (one for each frame) containing the triangles, a .pov file and a POV-Ray .ini file. The .ini file is the one to open for rendering by POV-Ray with this option.

genHAnimNodes checked outputs skin animated models using H-Anim 2 nodes.

genIdxTriSetNodes outputs X3d IndexedTriangleSet nodes in place of IndexedFaceSet nodes.

genContactSBVT outputs skin animated files using Bitmanagement/Blaxxun contact's setByVertexTransofrm function. For the sake of efficiency it is important that this should be checked for Blaxxun Contact when used in multi user worlds unless perhaps genHAnimNodes is checked. Note contact 5.1 and 5.2 do not support H-Anim 2 nodes natively.

genNormals checked causes normals to be output for IndexedFaceSet and IndexedTriangleSet nodes.

genColorIndex checked causes IndexedFaceSet nodes to use the colorIndex or texColorIndex method.

roundCoordsOutput This field defines how many digits a number is rounded down to the right side of the decimal point for numbers that belong to coord, texCoord and normal field when output.

Seamless3d Node Index

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