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New tutorial: Modelling Teeth, Blue Spherical Eyes & Eyelashes for Our Animated Character

Modelling Teeth, Eyes  & Eyelashes

Artistic Freedom Made Easy:

Seamless3d is now one of the easiest 3D modelling & animation programs that offers artistic freedom.

Voxel style house with organic character and plants

Designed by an Artist, for Artists Seamless3d is free open-source software. I, Thyme, the creator of Seamless3D, use it every day to make art.

Lucy with a pearl earring

Learn with Ease:

New tutorials are uploaded on a regular basis. From years of experience, Iíve learned how to keep models simple and fun to make and animate. If there is anything you are unable to understand following any of my tutorials, leave a comment on Youtube or the forum and I will get back to you with a reply.

Explore Different Styles:

Seamless3d is capable of creating a wide range of styles.

different styles

Item Bar:

Easily create scenes using Seamless3dís intuitive item bar.

item bar

NURBS Oriented Modeller:

Seamless3d is a NURBS-oriented modeller. Thanks to its auto-stitching feature, you donít need to know what NURBS are to create complex organic shapes.


Upcoming Features:

New features are being developed to make it easy to create railway tracks using NURBS curves and animate trains, on the tracks.

george stephenson rocket train

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