To see many of these commands being used see:
Making an Avatar using Immediate Editing

Immediate Commands

Immediate Parts

All of the commands here apply to blue (immediatePart) parts

Tugging a vertex to change the shape
If we click on a vertex (a triangle corner) and drag it we can easily modify the shape of any triangle/s that use this vertex for a corner.

The little yellow sphere you see in wireframe mode shows the location of the selected part but we will get to that later.

Vertex tugs can be influenced by MirrorEdit nodes.


Radial Tugs

By default the radial tug radius is set to 0. Like this Seamless is in single vertex tug mode.

By setting radius to a value greater than 0 using the buttons, we can influence all of the vertices within the specified radius when tugging. The circle in the 3d window is the visual clue that displays the radius for the tugs:

The further the vertices are away from the center of the tugs the less they will move.

Like Single vertex tugs, radial tugs can be influenced by MirrorEdit nodes.

To see a demo performed by the software robot go to the F10 menu and select:

help->immediate radial tug demo

Using the Keyboard to move the selected vertex
A keyboard can be usefull for moving a vertex when you only want to move a vertex a precise small amount at a time. Also when using the keyboard we have the possibility of being able to move a vertex in the Z dimension when looking straight into the Z dimension.

To move the selected vertex Press Ctrl and one of the following keys from the numpad

To change how much the keyboard moves a vertex at a time select settings from the main menu

and change the value to the amount you want in the incDecRes field

Using the mouse to select a vertex without changing the position of the vertex

Hold down the ctrl key before clicking on a vertex. While ctrl is down the mouse is unable to drag a vertex but ctrl does not prevent the vertex from being selected when it is clicked on.

Spliting a triangle

We can split any triangle selected by clicking (S). The split will be made between the red and green dots in the selected triangle.

Triangle Before Split

Split Triangle (Key S)

Mirror a triangle


To create a new triangle that shares the selected edge from the selected triangle click . The new triangle will mirror the shape of the triangle it was created from.

Triangle Before Mirror function

Mirrored Triangle (Key M)

Changing the dividing edge between two triangles (D)
Often we have two triangles divided like this

when we would rather them be divided like this

To swap the triangle divide first select the edge that divides the 2 triangles (it does not matter which of the two triangles is selected so long as the dividing edge (the edge between the red and green dots is the slected edge) is slected) and click .


Forcing a vertex to Mirror a Vertex (F)
We can get by without ever using this function but its simple to understand and can save a lot of time.
Often when making a model we want it to be symmetrical, we want the left vertices to be in the same positions as the right except in mirrored form. This can be done using the function move mirrorX
In the following example we see a triangle whose left vertex is not the same as the vertex to the right.

To make the left vertex mirror the right select the left vertex, press R and then select the right vertex and press F

After move vertex to mirrorX function (key F)

Centering a Vertex in the X Dimension (Alt+X)
We can get by without ever using this function but its simple to understand and can save a lot of time.
This function simply causes any selected vertex to go to the center in the x dimension (in the middle of left and right)  This function is useful for when making symmetrical models when we want to make vertices that are meant to be exactly in the middle exactly that.

before selected vertex not in middle

after zero x function (Alt+X)

Delete a single Triangle
Select the triangle then click or press Delete

Joining a Vertex to another Vertex (J)

To join the selected vertex to the nearest vertex click

For more options and info see Breaking and Joining Vertices.

Break a Vertex away from another Vertex (B)

Select the triangle and the vertex you want to break away and press B

For more options and info see Breaking and Joining Vertices.

Coloring Vertices
The color of a selected vertex can easily be changed using the 6 color buttons. The components that make up a color are the red green and blue (RGB) numbers.

The red green and blue values for the selected vertex are displayed in the top left of the 3d window:

A value of 1 for one of the red green or blue components means it is full on

A value of 0 for one of the red green or blue components means it is off

To make a vertex have the color just red, green or blue we set just one of the components to being full on (1) and the others off (0)

    R G B
red 1 0 0
green 0 1 0
blue 0 0 1

By mixing different combinations of red green and blue we can make any color

    R G B
yellow 1.00 1.00 0.00
hot pink 1.00 0.00 1.00
cyan 0.00 1.00 1.00
orange 1.00 0.5 0.00
skin color 0.98 0.74 0.63
black 0.00 0.00 0.00
white   1.00 1.00 1.00
grey 0.50 0.50 0.50
dark red 0.75 0.00 0.00

To save time we can copy a selected vertex by clicking copy and paste the color of this vertex into another vertex by clicking

A vertex can also be pasted to a vertex the same way except the whole part can be made the entire color of the pasted vertex by clicking instead to paste in the color.

Finding triangles too thin or small to see(Alt+F)

Making triangles too hard to see by mistake can cause annoying problems and is something that can easily happen when triangle structures get complex. Triangles too thin to be considered triangles don't generate normals properly and so you end up with points in your model that don't look how they should (too dark or too bright). To find a thin triangle in all the part's that belong to a seamless node first select the seamless node or one of the parts that belongs to it and then press the short cut keys Alt+F. If there is a triangle that owns 2 vertices that are close to each other within the range of about 1 mm this triangle will get selected. When such triangles are selected you may only be able to see 2 of the 3 colored dots at one time but you can reveal all 3 by pressing F8 to rotate the dots round the corners. When a thin triangle is found you can either tug it's vertices to make the triangle wider or delete it.

Changing which part owns a vertex (Alt+o)

Changing the ownership of a vertex wont make any noticeable changes to the vertex or the whole shape when not animated but changing a vertex to be owned by a different part will logically affect how the vertex gets animated. To be able to see which Part a vertex belongs to select the vertex in question and look at the blue title bar in the 3d window. The name seen here shows which part the selected vertex belongs to. To paste in the ownership from a part into a vertex first right click on the part you want to be the owner in the scene tree window and select copy then click on any vertex you want to be owned by the copied part and select Alt+o the short cut keys for paste ownership. You do not have to copy the owner before each time you press Alt+o Only once for the first vertex does this have to be done. So like this it is relatively fast to change a number of vertices ownership one at a time. Pasting the ownership might seem a bit strange to grasp at first but the concept is like pasting the color of a vertex into another except we are pasting the ownership of the vertex instead of its color.

Changing a vertex's order (U / I)

Whenever you click a vertex you may notice each vertex is indexed:

Vertices can be grouped for some tasks by the order of their indices.

Click lower (U) to decrement the selected vertex's index.
Click upper (I) to increment the selected vertex's index.

To see how vertices are ordered in sequence:

Click lower (F3) to select the previous
Click upper (F4) to select the next.

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